More wholesome, family-friendly events needed

Published 8:56 pm Wednesday, February 13, 2013

It’s not often that highflying slam-dunks and laughter go hand in hand, but it did Tuesday night when the Harlem Ambassadors entertained many residents at Wallace Community College.

We tip our hats to the Selma Rotary Club for hosting such a fantastic and entertaining event and we believe more Selma organizations should host similar events.

Not only did Rotary Club raise a large amount of money for several organizations in Selma, they also brought the community together in a family-friendly environment. Scanning the crowd Tuesday night, people of all ages and races filled the stands and most had large grins on their faces. The ambassadors also provided something positive that children could aspire to, as they were all college graduates promoting a drug-free lifestyle.

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As a community, it’s important to have events like these that remind us of how important fellowship is. It’s important to have serious meetings that discuss the issues, but it’s also important to get together as a community and simply laugh. Also, this event wasn’t age exclusive — it was something the whole family could enjoy.

Let’s make an effort to bring more family oriented events to Selma; the results will only be beneficial.