County schools show appreciation for sales tax revenue

Published 8:59 pm Monday, January 14, 2013

In response to the approval and success of a one half cent sales tax approved last year to help Dallas County schools, Superintendent of Education Dr. Fannie McKenzie said she couldn’t have been more grateful.

“Today we pause in what we do to come and say to you, ‘thank you,’” McKenzie said, addressing the Dallas County Commission.

For several years, McKenzie said the public school system in Dallas County struggled and it wasn’t until the commission heard their needs that positive change began.

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“We met with the commission and we talked with Judge Ballard over a number of years about the need and they heard us,” McKenzie said. “You listened, and I appreciate that.”

As a way to show their gratitude, McKenzie presented the commission with a resolution recognizing their hard work and dedication in regards to bettering the county’s public school system.

“The school board acknowledges with great appreciation the confidence the Dallas County Commission and Probate Judge Kim Ballard have placed with the Dallas County Board of Education and its members and superintendent,” McKenzie said. “We want to recognize their substantial and significant support for public education for public education in Dallas County.”

As a commission, Dallas County Probate Judge Kim Ballard said approving the half-cent tax was a political risk, but looking back, he’s glad the tax was approved.

“To be honest, I haven’t heard one negative comment about what we did,” Ballard said. “I’ve heard a lot of positive things about what these guys had guts enough to do.”

Commissioner Roy Moore also expressed his initial reservations about the tax, but admitted to its effectiveness.

“When something like this comes up you really have to think about if it’s needed or if it’s not needed,” Moore said. “And now I’m more than satisfied with the decision I made.”

In regards to the funds generated from the half-cent sales tax, McKenzie said the county can expect the public school system to only improve.

“We’re going to be, as we have been, great stewards of these funds,” she said.