Selma PD welcomes six new officers

Published 8:12 pm Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Six officers, mostly Selma and Dallas County natives, were sworn into the Selma Police Department Wednesday. Jessica Stevens, one of the six, receives her official badge after taking oath. -- Ashley Johnson

The Selma Police Department swore in its largest, and possibly its youngest, officer class yet. Chief William T. Riley and Judge Prince Chestnut swore in six officers at the police station on Wednesday morning and family and friends watched as the officers received their badges.

The most exciting aspect of this class, Selma Mayor George Evans said, is that the majority of the new officers are Selma and Dallas County natives.

With the exception of one senior officer who is returning from working at Wallace Community College, all of the new officers are under the age of 25.

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“I am thoroughly excited today to have six officers come on board and help bring about more safety and security in our city compared to what we have had in the past,” Evans said. “The majority of these officers are from Selma and Dallas County and they grew up here and they know the people they will encounter. I want to thank you for taking on this task … we really want you to make a difference in Selma.”

Joshua Aguero, Ray Moore, Justin McAfee, Alexandria Rangel, Jessica Stevens and Robert Tyrus Jr. were given their badges on Wednesday. Two of the six officers were young females ages 21 and 22. The girls said that though they are small and wear size 5 and size 6 ½ shoes, they mean business as officers.

“Its challenging and you always find yourself in a spot where you are going to stand out and prove that I am not just some little girl,” Jessica Stevens, 22, said. “I’m a woman and I can do anything you can, but even better. And I will make it my business to make Selma better each and everyday I am out on the streets.”

Chief Riley spoke to those at the ceremony, giving advice on doing things correctly in the criminal justice system and how that will bring about good results.

“You are going to make mistakes, there is no doubt about it,” Riley said to the new officers. “But its not just about you guys, its about your family, your significant others and your peers at the Selma Police Department. ”

Riley told the officers that he and other superior officers were available at any time the new officers had questions. He said that at the end of the day, mistakes or not, it is all about serving the public in the right and just way.