Concordia cuts ribbon on renovation work

Published 8:16 pm Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Concordia Chaplain the Rev. LaVaughn Wiggins, prayed a blessing over the newly unveiled dormitories and Interactive Learning Center Wednesday. Miss Concordia, Alexandria Mayhane, was asked to cut the ribbon for the Rosa J. Young dormitory hall. -- Katie Wood

Concordia College Alabama unveiled its Interactive Learning Center and two recently renovated female dormitories Wednesday in a presentation to an excited student body and staff.

“It is so exciting. This is an opportunity for the students to have somewhere to come to study and to relax. It’s expanding what we’re doing and it’s showing the students what we’re doing is moving forward,” said Dr. Cheryl Washington, vice president of academic affairs, after cutting the ribbon to the Interactive Learning Center. “[The students] have really been looking forward to having a place like this. It’s open after hours to encourage them to come in and interact with one another in a collegiate manner. This takes the college, I think, to another level.”

Formerly Peay Hall, the Interactive Learning Center, or Hornet’s Nest, provides students with computer labs, lounge areas equipped with televisions, a conference room, private study rooms as well as a deli and a café. School officials said the cafeteria is fully managed by Aramark Services and will provide food from restaurants outside of Concordia. There will also be a place to hold seminars and workshops, which will be open to the community as well as the student body.

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Glenn King Jr., assistant professor of business, said he is glad to see this project come to fruition.

“One thing I’m excited about is that the students are excited,” King said. “This is something that they’ve longed for and dreamed for and it’s going to be compelling for the students.”

Business management student Desiree Wilson, was among the first of the student body to try some of the cuisine at the Hornet’s Nest.

“I just really expect it to bring more diverse food onto campus. We kind of have a routine schedule in our cafeteria, so I’m kind of expecting more different things to eat,” Wilson said. “It’s really nice in here. From what it was before, this is a real big improvement.”

Wilson said she could see herself coming to the Hornet’s Nest often to do homework or just to hang out with friends. “We realize at Concordia that part of your college education is the experience that you have here. The things we’ve put together here is to increase the experience that you have,” Dr. Eric Jackson, vice president of student services, said to the student body. “This Hornet’s Nest is supposed to increase the volume and the experience that you have, so you can go out and tell others about the great things that we have going on here at Concordia. Concordia is moving. We realize that this place is really for you to learn and grow, and we’re doing things on a daily basis to help make that a reality.”

Several members from Selma’s city government expressed their support of the newly renovated dorms and Interactive Learning Center.

“I am so excited about what happens here on this college campus in our city,” Mayor George Evans said. “We partner with Concordia through city government, and we stand in support.”