Rising Stars will bring tourists

Published 10:56 am Friday, December 7, 2012

The Selma tourism industry is what helps the community thrive economically. Dollars we spend locally on ourselves somewhat go around in circles, but just one tourism dollar from someone visiting can go a long way.

For every $1 spent from an out-of-town visitor at a gas station, restaurant or hotel, that $1 turns over seven times. With that turn over comes the creation of jobs and it betters the area and community overall.

Needless to say our hospitality and the way our customer service appears to outsiders is imperative if we want visitors to recommend Selma to their friends and family or even make a return visit.

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The Selma-Dallas County Chamber of Commerce created the Rising Star program to recognize someone in the community doing just that — someone working hard each day to leave a good and lasting impression on others.

The Chamber of Commerce Retail Committee selects the award recipient and the second recipient of the award this month was Denunta Dial, who works for the Selma Dallas County Public Library.

We would like to commend the chamber for creating such a program that will nurture those who already go above and beyond in hospitality, and encourage those who do not, to get on board. This program is a positive way to spark change and influence the community to be tourism-minded in every aspect and in every retail store.

We want to encourage other businesses to nominate and recommend their own employees to the chamber to be recipients of the award. Sheryl Smedley, chamber director, said this month there were multiple nominations for the Rising Star award. But we hope there will be even more for the month of January.

To nominate an employee that is enthusiastic and really takes time to pour themselves into the community and visitors, please fill out a nomination form in the Selma-Dallas County Chamber of Commerce office.