Giving with full hearts year round

Published 10:08 pm Tuesday, November 27, 2012

It is so easy to spot them this time of year. It seems that almost every non-profit organization needs our help both financially and with volunteer hours during the holiday season.

The Salvation Army is still waiting for more Angels to be taken off of their Angel Tree and they ring their bells outside of the places we shop.

Organizations like the Selma Area Food Bank need food donations for holiday meals and children who are less fortunate are in need of gifts both big and small.

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It is so wonderful that these organizations and more are on our mind during the holiday season but what about the other months of the year?

In a season dedicated to giving we almost feel guilty not pitching in some way. The way we give and the ways we donate from January through November are what truly show our giving hearts.

We do not associate the month of July with working in a soup kitchen and we do not think about giving to organizations that work with abuse victims in the month of February when everything seems to be about love and hearts.

The giving heart of Selma really shows in the holiday season because the organizations that are dedicated to make a difference somehow always manage to make it through just one more year with the funds they receive from the community.

If we can be a giving community for two months out of the year, we can show the world what a difference we can make with having hearts and wallets of giving year round.

This Christmas and New Year there should be no mouths that go hungry and no items on a child’s letter to Santa that don’t end up under the tree. Let’s be there for those who need it most, all year long.