YMCA offers a safe place for youth

Published 10:24 pm Friday, November 2, 2012

Since its inception, the YMCA’s mission has been to provide a healthy Christian-based outlet for community members in the form of an exercise facility. And that’s exactly what our Y here in Selma has been providing for the past several years.

With a wide variety of programs, the Y has something to offer everyone.

The Selma-Dallas County YMCA not only encourages health and fitness, but also encourages our youth to invest their time in a productive and safe manner.

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Without the Y, our youth would have one less place to go to participate in team sports in a safe environment. Also, most area schools don’t offer youth sports for young age groups.

The Y is a huge benefactor in keeping youth engaged in healthy activities and off the streets. Selma doesn’t need more youth falling by the wayside and getting involved in unhealthy and dangerous activities.

It’s up to us to save one of the few places we have that offers youth sports, health and fitness programs and exercise programs for the elderly.

If we are unable to save the Y, we will not only lose a vital part of our community, but a place that represents fellowship and healthy living.

It’s up to us to save a place that represents a celebration of different races coming together for one common cause—health and fitness.

It’s up to us to save a facility that teaches pro-active behavior and fellowship in a safe Christian environment.

It’s up to us to save the Y.