Published 8:16 pm Thursday, October 18, 2012

Local businesses, organizations and community members were out at Valley Grande Golf Course on Wednesday to tee off for a good cause.

Selma Mayor George Evans hosted his Third Annual Charity Golf Classic on Wednesday.

Evans said the tournament raises funds for local agencies that help the county’s special needs children.

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“This charity golf tournament is for the purpose of helping special needs children in Selma and Dallas County,” Evans said. “Six agencies in the city of Selma and Dallas County, all funds that we collect, except for monies for expense, we give to those agencies. This is the third year and each year in the past two years we’ve given those agencies more than $1,000 a piece to use to purchase things they need for their agency and for the children. It’s been a great program for us. I appreciate the sponsors and volunteers who make this happen.”

The tournament followed Tuesday’s banquet for special needs children at the Morgan Convention Center, and Evans said the two events aim to also show the area’s children that they’re appreciated.

“Those special needs children, in many cases, seem to be left out. Sometimes those kids don’t get the attention or publicity that’s needed. This is a means of keeping them in the mix and keeping them a part of what’s going on in our community,” Evans said. “They deserve it just as much as anybody else. This is a way to give back to them and let them know they’re appreciated.”

Twenty-eight teams participate.

George Hicks, who played in the tournament, said he’s always willing to help a good cause.

“It’s a good cause, a charitable cause. Anything we can do to help, we’re happy to do that,” Hicks said. “We’ve participated in this tournament for the past three years and certainly hope the mayor will continue this effort because it benefits our community.”

Matthew Leashore, who also participated, said it’s always good to help out local children.

“It’s a good cause for the kids,” Leashore said. “That’s what it’s all about because they are our future.”

Another participant, Lester Scott, said he was happy to participate, and he looks forward to helping out in the future.

“I play every year and I come out just to support the cause,” Scott said. “It’s a good cause and worthy cause. Also, I love the kids and we’re willing to do it again and again to help them.”