Lobsterfest is another rousing success

Published 9:51 pm Thursday, October 11, 2012

More than 400 people enjoyed fresh Maine lobster on Thursday either dining in or driving through and getting take out at St. Paul's Episcopal Church 10th annual Lobsterfest. From left, Julia Ford, Carol Sommers, Berneida Poulsen and Hans Poulsen enjoy cracking open the lobsters on Thursday. -- Ashley Johnson

As more than 400 Selmians dined on fresh Maine lobster Thursday evening at St. Paul’s Episcopal Church Lobsterfest, the ones having the real fun were those serving in the back.

All kinds of nicknames and laughs came from the back corridor of the church as its members prepared the Lobsterfest feast carefully for the masses.

A team was assembled in the front to serve those that bought dinner for take out. With rubber gloves volunteers rolled lobsters into foil for the to-go plates in the drive through as they greeted and waved to the crowds coming into the church for the seated dinner.

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Inside the church nicknames like “The Butter Babes,” “The Pie President,” “The Lobster Queen,” and “The Salad Sweeties.”

“We just have such a great time and we laugh a lot behind the scenes,” Nancy Travis said who is one of the main organizers for the event and is known in the church as the Lobster Queen.

“We have a butter attitude,” Said Becky Youngblood who is part of a three-woman team that melts and keeps butter hot for the lobsters to be dipped in. All three on the team —Nancy Mosley, Becky Youngblood and Roberta Leach — have embroidered aprons with the butter attitude phrase. For the last five years the women have been on the butter team.

“The lobsters are what everyone comes for,” Travis said. “But as this is our tenth year doing this and the people and the fellowship here are just great… We always work together and have fun and this is for a great cause.”

The proceeds from the Lobsterfest sales will go towards Little Friends preschool and other outreach programs in the community and the church.