Selma’s beauty being recognized

Published 11:03 pm Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Tucked away beneath large oaks covered with Spanish moss lies some of the Black Belt’s finest painted architecture, and paint specialists from across the nation have been taking notice of it.

Selma is one of 60 finalists in the Prettiest Painted Places contest, sponsored by the Paint Quality Institute. After the tourism department submitted several images of Selma’s finest architecture, specifically from Ward 3, paint specialists have decided that Selma has exceptional curb appeal when it comes to paint quality.

For several weeks, paint specialists in Pennsylvania have been reviewing pictures from across the country and making their final decisions on which towns qualify as the “prettiest painted places.” Although many residents have already seen these homes while driving around Selma, now the rest of the nation has the opportunity to see the beautiful community Selma offers.

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And it’s about time Selma is recognized for its historical mystique. As an older community with rich history, Selma offers sound architecture and vibrant paint colors that just can’t be replicated today.

Also, this contest serves as an incentive for residents to make sure their property is in pristine condition because if we are named “the prettiest painted place,” we want to make sure our town lives up to its title.

So residents of Selma, we challenge you to rake your leaves and sweep your porches, because we live in a beautiful place, and it’s time to act like it. Take pride in your homes, streets and neighborhoods.

Selma is a pretty place, and it’s time we were recognized for our efforts.