Deputies discover meth lab, arrest suspect

Published 11:13 pm Tuesday, October 9, 2012

After being found with “Shake and Bake” paraphernalia, a 30-year-old from Selma was arrested on Friday by the Dallas County Sheriff’s Department.

Christopher Julian was taken into custody at 9 p.m. Friday after a complaint by a concerned citizen turned into house call from a Dallas County Sheriff’s deputy.

According to an incident report made available by the department, Julian’s residence received a large amount of visitors. The department soon learned this was due to the residence being home to a meth lab, and the availability of meth.

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“An officer was on foot in the area and observed Chris Julian enter and exit the travel trailer several times,” the report said. “The officer could smell a strong chemical smell consistent to chemicals used to manufacture meth.”

Julian was arrested and charged with manufacturing a controlled substance, trafficking a controlled substance and possession of a controlled substance because of the meth and meth lab discovered. He was placed in the Dallas County Jail under $310,000 in bonds.

“Drug paraphernalia and lab equipment was in plain view,” the report continues. “Upon a search of Julian’s person, two methadone pills and a straw were found in his front pocket.”

Among the items found in the trailer were 10 “shake and bake” bottles concealed in a hidden compartment.

Shake and bake bottles are plastic drink bottles in which a meth manufacturer shakes the bottle full of ingredients for a gaseous chemical reaction. Julian also had items commonly used for production of meth, such as funnels, measuring cups, broken glass pipes, liquid fire, one pound of lye and Damp Rid

Dallas County Sheriff’s Chief Deputy Randy Pugh said this arrest is one of many to come.

“Sure it puts a dent in [meth manufacturing],” Pugh said about what Julian’s arrest will mean for ridding the area of meth. “But we still have a very long way to go.”