Special times at the Central Alabama Fair

Published 11:31 pm Thursday, October 4, 2012

After riding the Ferris wheel, conquering the Cliff Hanger, attending two pageants and devouring a cozy dog — or two — I can finally say that I have experienced the Central Alabama Fair, and what a great experience it was.

And I have to admit; there truly is something magical about the fair.

I’m not sure if it’s the Ferris wheel lights or those few short seconds before the Miss Central Alabama Fair Pageant winner is announced, but there definitely is something special in the air that draws people and brings out the kid in everyone.

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I have been fortunate enough to attend the fair four nights in a row and cover two great stories.

The first night, I was blown away by the amount of people who came out to ride the rides, play the games and get their fill of the signature “fair food.”

I talked to parents with their children, teenagers having fun with friends and even a few carnies who have been working the fair since they were a mere 16-years-old.

Everyone seemed to have his or her personal favorite part about the fair. For some it’s seeing their daughter participate in the Miss or Junior Miss Central Alabama Fair pageant. For others, it’s hearing “the Cozy Dawg man” entice people to come purchase a Cozy Dawg, which have been making mouths water at the fair since 1958.

Walking the grounds of the fair, I also noticed how “close-knit” this community truly is. I have only lived in Selma for a little more than a month, but even I ran in to a few friendly familiar faces, who were quick to give me a smile and ask me how I was doing.

It’s events like the Central Alabama Fair that showcase how great it is to live in a place like Dallas County. We may not have a Starbucks or a large shopping mall close by, but what we do have is a community that cares and sees the importance in quality fellowship with one another.

Also, its attractions like the Central Alabama Fair that encourage people that may not be from Selma or Dallas County to travel to our area and generate revenue for our town. I talked to several families who traveled well out of their way just to have a dose of “fair fun.”

As the fair comes to its closing days, I know a large part of me will be sad to see the booths come down and the lights turn off. But I know that this is only the beginning of our fall season and more great events are to come, like Riverfront Market Day, the Tale Tellin’ Fest and the Integrity Worldwide 5K Run for Kenya.

So I extend a big “thank you” to all the ride operators, carnies, the “Cozy Dawg man,” and espicially the Selma Lions Club for hosting such a wonderful fair. I will be counting down the days till the 2013 Central Alabama Fair rolls back in to Selma.

Gates open at 1 p.m. Saturday for the fair’s last day.