Selma’s history through worship

Published 10:42 pm Monday, September 24, 2012

Walk down the streets of downtown and stumble upon steeple after steeple — beautiful churches that make up the “Spires of Selma.”

Small towns throughout the south boast about their churches and unique fellowships, but as we know with Selma the worship scene here is different than a typical southern city.

In the upcoming edition of Spanish Moss, the writers take readers through the history of the area, through the eyes of several unique congregations. Over time congregations like Temple Mishkan Israel, Brown Chapel A.M.E. and First Congregational Church of Marion have evolved and changed hands yet their dedication to the community and pursuing faith have not.

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The history of an area lined with spanish moss was shaped by a large Jewish population that now dwindles.

The Brown Chapel A.M.E now reminds us of a time when freedom was not what it is today.

The First Congregational Church in Marion was built on a foundation of love. Love that freed slaves in the 1800’s had for the Lord.

We hope you join Spanish Moss on a journey through our church’s past and then into the future. The future of how those worshipping will change lives and touch others. The newest edition of Spanish Moss features the creator of the Prayer Mile on U.S. Highway 80. A man who was now a mystery steps out to reveal how the Lord led him to create this mile of prayer. News happens everyday in Selma and the new edition of Spanish Moss will bring you the latest from a holier source.