Celebrate our very own library

Published 5:04 pm Saturday, September 22, 2012

Sometimes you can’t say enough good things about someone or something. The reverse is also true.

While at times we have taken to this spot to be critical of things, groups, individuals, today we stand here celebrating one of our community’s true jewels.

The Selma-Dallas County Public Library is an amazing facility, one that proves invaluable to many people each and every day.

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In recent weeks, we have published stories about their Lunch at the Library series, the missing hamster that was then found and the annual arrival of first grade students from throughout the area coming to the library to get their very first library card. In the past, we have written stories about the retirement of Big Fish, the arrival of little big fish and the annual summer reading program that hundreds of area children take part in.

But what we fail to publicize at times are the educational programs housed in the library, the web access to those searching for or applying for jobs and the every day search for information and entertainment that many take part in.

Our library is a facility very few cities the size of Selma can say they are lucky to have.

We have at our very own fingertips an amazing facility, with an amazing staff, providing to us an invaluable resource; a combination worth celebrating.