Community should keep hope alive

Published 11:09 pm Tuesday, September 18, 2012

On Friday, the Dallas County Sheriff’s Department launched yet another search for the missing Adline George, the 89-year-old woman who mysteriously disappeared from her home July 31.

Following her disappearance, the police and many volunteers from the community when out and spent hours just endlessly searching for George. Every helicopter search, K-9 unit investigation and foot search combing through woods and weeds turned fruitless.

But we want to commend those who are not giving up hope in this frustrating situation. The Dallas County Sheriff’s Department is continuing its search for the missing woman until they find her.

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We feel that there could be officials out there who would want to stop after the first week — even month — of searching but the sheriff’s department is yet still pressing forward.

The hundreds that have volunteered to walk through the woods in their spare time on the weekends deserve more than a pat on the back.

We are proud to see our community come together and not give up on finding one of our own. George has been a long-time part of her community in Beloit and it great to see the neighbors, young and old, not forget that.

At a candlelight vigil two weeks ago, members of the community spoke about how George would take care of their children and would do anything for those who needed help.

Now is the time that the community should take care of George’s children and join in their search for their mother. Even though the sheriff’s department has organized several searches, there is more to be done and the public can help.

While we challenge more in the community to get involved in bringing this mystery to a close, we commend and praise the law enforcement and those who volunteered for their persistence, positive spirit and perseverance.

We hope no one will give up Mrs. Adline George, because if she were anything like her family members described — she would not give up on us if we were in her shoes.