Local authorities organize another search for missing woman

Published 10:56 pm Monday, September 17, 2012

Another search for 89-year-old Adline George again turned up empty, as authorities press on despite her mystery disappearance that was reported by family more than a month ago.

A crew of 16 men from the Alabama Department of Corrections came together for a Friday search that Sgt. John Hatfield, with the Dallas County Sheriff’s Department, said is just one of many searches to come.

“We will actually continue to do these searches until we locate her,” Hatfield said. “It has been a long time and we still feel like we need to bring closure to the family and we are committed to keep doing the things we need to do to make sure that happens.”

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The team of searchers covered a three-mile radius from the George residence south into a heavily wooded area. The searchers were nicked, cut and mosquito bitten when they came out of the woods, but Hatfield said that is just because of their commitment.

“The [search area] is really thick and grown up and briary and that is why it is so important to just keep going back down there, because you could possibly miss somebody,” Hatfield said. “Any time you get out in the briars, you are going to be cut and stuff. These guys are really committed because several of [the George family members] work with the Department of Corrections and they want to do everything that they can to assist in this.”

This search was no different with its search methods than other searches, Hatfield said, but it utilized the aspect of having fresh eyes out there looking for George.

Hatfield said he and other searchers are not frustrated, but more committed.

“Our people are not frustrated, we are committed to bringing closure and we are going to continue to do that until we find Mrs. George,” Hatfield said.

George has been missing since the last week in July and since her disappearance, no reported tips have come out about what happened.

Search parties have covered more than 10 miles around the residence since that time, but there is still no sign of the elderly woman in the Beloit community. George was reported to be diabetic and in the early stages of dementia.

Police say they are not going to narrow in on one theory of what happened but instead keep all scenarios in consideration.