Bring back the great tradition

Published 10:01 pm Saturday, September 8, 2012

The term Friday Night Lights is one that is absolutely sacred in our county. You don’t have to be in high school to get wrapped up in the team spirit because people of all ages go to local high school football games with pride. Families return year after year and sit in the same stands to watch different kids play.

One of the many facets and features to the entertainment of a Friday night game is the marching band. Sequins and feathered caps blaze across the field, rallying the teams and fans. The pride of the drum line brings people together and gets the crowd going.

One fan base in our community is missing out on this great tradition. The Keith Bears played Friday night but as the half time show rolled around, the stands sat quiet, with only their conversations and long lines to concessions to entertain them.

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The Keith High School Marching Band was nowhere in sight.

The crowds did not get to see their uniforms and school pride in the form of music and marching. Instead, this looked depressing.

The Times-Journal would like to challenge the community to surround the marching band at Keith, its instructors and volunteers and also the parents that work on the booster club. This group needs financial support — or really just any kind of support we can bring them — in an effort to bring this band back onto the field.

Those who witnessed Keith play were missing out on a crucial — and fun — part of a Friday night football game.

Also the artistic skill set and creativity based knowledge that a marching band can bring to the students involved at Keith High. The band can open up many opportunities to students and fans. What will you do to get the band back?