Dallas Co. Sheriff’s Department Arrest Report for period ending on Sept. 4:

Published 8:01 pm Wednesday, September 5, 2012

K’Chebe Neely, 26, 11 Dallas Avenue, Selma, assault 2nd, $100,000 bond, in jail

Orlando Steele, 24, 2209 Alabama Avenue, Selma, assault 2nd, $60,000 bond, in jail

Jason Middleton, 32, 529 West 52nd Street, Anniston, returned from Autauga Co., $15,500 bond, in jail

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Melvin Tyus, 34, 1060 Co. Road 306, Selma, failure to appear on receiving stolen property 1st, $60,000 bond, in jail

Kachavias Moore, 27, 9 Luker Circle, Selma, obstructing justice, made bond

Roderick Brown, 33, 529 Co. Road 67, Selma, mittimus to jail, no bond, paid fine

Eric Muse, 30, 283 Co. Road 960, Orrville, mittimus to jail, no bond, in jail

Harold Downs, 50, 2519 Nottingham Drive, Selma, unemployment compensation violation, made bond

Billy Hardy, 32, 1218 Martin Luther King Street, Selma, fugitive from justice, no bond, in jail

Napolean Ivory, 30, 1714 Green Street, Selma, unlawful possession of a controlled substance, unlawful possession of marijuana 2nd, license to carry pistol, $17,000 bond, in jail