Some area schools welcome back students

Published 10:54 pm Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Meadowview Christian second grader Michael Wilkins circles and counts change on a worksheet. Meadowview students like Wilkinson started back to school on Monday. -- Ashley Johnson

When students enter their new classroom for the first time, they seem to always have some butterflies. What new friends will they make and will they like their new teacher, are all questions students ask themselves before the first day of school.

But for AISA schools, like Morgan Academy and Meadowview Christian, they are a little less jittery about the first day, even with new faculty and students.

“It definitely is like a family,” Miriam Anderson, headmaster of Meadowview Christian said about the school being small and close-knit. The school started back Monday welcoming new technology and new programs. One of those programs being a kindergarten through third grade program.

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“This is our first year with that and we are excited because everyone can work to their area of expertise,” Anderson said.

The teachers for kindergarten through third grade rotate students around to teach math, science, reading, social studies and health. Several teachers said they were excited for the new year because if they get a smaller class they have more options.

“I love my small classes,” Teresa Stacey, fourth grade teacher said. “We have been able to do extra things like we had a week of cooking, a week of sewing things that you would not be able to do with a bigger class.”

While Meadowview started back on Monday, Morgan Academy opened its doors for hundreds of parents to arrive with grocery bags full of paper towels and hand sanitizer at its Move In Day on Tuesday.

This was a day that gave parents and students the opportunity to check out their new classrooms and meet and greet teachers.

First grade teacher for Morgan, Kitty Cosby, posed with one of her new students for a picture.

“I am so excited about the new year and these new students,” Cosby said, who has taught at Morgan for nine years. “[Move In Day] is such an awesome atmosphere and it’s positive and cheerful.”

Morgan begins classes Wednesday, while both the Selma City School System and the Dallas County School System start Monday.