Spanish Moss announces change in frequency

Published 11:12 pm Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Spanish Moss Magazine, a sister publication to The Selma Times-Journal, will begin its third year of publication when the next edition of the magazine is distributed later this week. And, with that birthday of sorts, the company’s leadership announced a major change to the tremendously popular magazine.

In the upcoming edition of Spanish Moss, Selma Newspapers, Inc. announces the magazine will move from publishing four times each year to publishing six times each year.

“We had always looked at this as a possible move and the level of support we have received from our advertisers and the tremendous response we’ve received from our readers has made this an easy decision,” said Dennis Palmer, president and publisher of Selma Newspapers, Inc., the parent company of Spanish Moss. “This is an exciting move that is aimed at sharing even more stories that highlight the amazing place we live.”

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This edition, our Summer 2012 edition, marks the end of our second year. And, beginning with the September edition, we will begin publishing the Black Belt’s premier magazine every other month.

The magazine will publish in September, November, January, March, May and July.

The magazine will continue to provide features on individuals, places and events that make Alabama’s Black Belt not only tremendously historic, but a wonderful place to call home.

In addition to the new publishing schedule, the magazine has unveiled a new Facebook page (, giving readers an opportunity to receive magazine updates, links to featured articles and photographs not found in the magazine.

“There are so many great stories to tell about those who live in the Black Belt,” Selma Newspapers, Inc. editor Tim Reeves said. “The first two years of Spanish Moss’ existence have been great, but I can’t imagine what we will come up with in the years to come.”

Spanish Moss is a free magazine, available for pickup at locations throughout Perry, Dallas and Wilcox counties.

Subscriptions to Spanish Moss, ensuring a copy of Spanish Moss is mailed to your home each time it is published, are available by calling 875-2110 or logging on to