‘Thanks to our law enforcement! Way to go!’

Published 5:01 pm Saturday, June 9, 2012

Roughly 15 minutes after Deandra Marquis Lee was captured by a task force consisting of agents from the U.S. Marshals office, the Alabama Bureau of Investigation, the Selma Police Department and others, the Times-Journal had a note on our Facebook site that simply said, “CONFIRMED: Law enforcement officials have confirmed wanted murder suspect Deandra Marquis Lee has been captured in Selma.”

In mere seconds, we had dozens of comments celebrating the extraordinary work of law enforcement in catching a man believed to have killed three people earlier in the week.

The comments ranged from relief to rage to celebration. In the long list of comments, a few stood out, including the following:

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“Thank u jesus God is good then they caught him not to far from where my home is located Omg i feel so much better cause my baby loves to go outside and play Screaming Thank U God!!!!!!!!!!”

There is no doubt knowing this suspected killer was on the loose has rattled communities throughout central Alabama, but once officials Thursday said they bleieved Lee was in Selma, the feeling of tension within the city has been palpable.

Residents have talked about not going out at night, or how friends make sure to walk to their cars together.

Lee’s capture not only offered a sense of relief to law enforcement agents, it also provided relief to an entire community practically held hostage by this one individual.

And although we’ve said it before and to those individuals in person, we felt another Facebook comment summed it up well, “Many thanks to our law enforcement!!! Way to go!!”