School board opens search for new superintedent

Published 11:24 pm Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The Selma City School Board voted to officially advertise a job opening for a new superintendent of education during its regularly scheduled meeting Thursday, and now the search continues.

Board attorney Katy Campbell said the position must be advertised for at least 30 days before a decision can be made. The board approved the notice from April 16 to May 16, 2012.

“The state requires the notice be open until the position is filled and even though they receive applications, the notice must be open until then,” Campbell said.

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Interested applicants must be qualified in a variety of areas including having successful experience as an administrator with a professional background that includes finance, instruction and personal leadership; experience in improving student achievement, parental involvement and staff support; effective verbal and written communication skills, superior ethics, personal integrity and proven leadership abilities, among others. The listing also included a projected salary range of $98,000 to $118,000.

Campbell said the board doesn’t know how many applications they will receive.

“You might get one, you might get 50, you just don’t know,” Campbell said. “What will happen is after the time limit is up, I will send a copy of all applications to board members. Members will have to decide if they’ll have to have someone else evaluate applications or if they will themselves. Usually, you study applications (and) you’ll call them in for interviews, but there is no requirement by state law that there be an interview process.”

There is a good chance, Campbell said, a new superintendent will be in place before next school year.

“I think there will be ample time to have someone in place before August,” Campbell said. “They (the board) will take a week or so to review by application. They could very well have made an offer by July 1.”

Applications may be obtained online at The application deadline to apply for the position is Wednesday, May 16. All candidates must submit a letter of interest, an employment application along with a vitae and an official transcript from the institution where the highest degree was accepted, and three letters of reference to: Katy Smith Campbell, board attorney, P.O. Box 830870, Tuskegee, 36083.