Craig Field is area’s most valuable asset

Published 11:31 pm Monday, March 26, 2012

There is a drive we suggest you take sometime. Take a few minutes and drive around Craig Airport and Industrial Authority on any given work day.

What you will notice is a facility that is quickly becoming — if not already — the economic heartbeat of Selma and Dallas County.

While playing host to a number of large, industrial employers, it also lays claim to the area’s most valuable economic asset — the airfield.

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As you drive around the complex, you’ll notice an area that is well kept, well organized and ready for more development — the former State Trooper facility, not withstanding.

It is a massive facility that attracts business from all over the region, country and world, and is one we far too often overlook.

It is a facility in a constant state of motion and development.

The authority should be proud of what is has accomplished over the years and take credit for the role it has played in economic development.

Although most of the areas of activity on the old Air Force base are not accessible to anyone right off the street, a drive through Craig will give you some idea of what it means to all of us.