We challenge you to make smart decisions

Published 9:03 am Tuesday, March 20, 2012

If you’ve noticed extremely well dressed teenagers around town recently, it is not an overreaction to the city of Selma’s “sagging pants” ordinance. Rather, it is official prom season.

As schools either recover from, or prepare for, their annual prom event, it seems fitting we offer a reminder that this is a time of year to remember, not one to forget or ruin, because of the evils of drunk driving.

We are not niave. We know there are those attending proms this year who will drink. Remember, we’ve been there before.

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But, the decision to drink and drive, is exactly that — a decision.

While we implore those celebrating their junior or senior prom, we challenge you to do so alcohol free. We challenge you to make beautiful memories, not those blurred by too many adult beverages.

This time of year, especially for those who are seniors, are times you will never get back. There will be plenty of times to enjoy a drink legally. Don’t make your prom something to forget.