Applause to event organizers, city leaders

Published 12:14 am Sunday, February 26, 2012

As you make your way around Selma this week, please watch your step around the very large welcome mat that is rolled out each year in advance of the Bridge Crossing Jubilee.

This time of year marks the single busiest time for Selma, when thousands upon thousands of visitors make their way to the Queen City to celebrate what many consider the birthplace of the civil rights movement and honor those involved in the horrific events of Bloody Sunday.

And as we prepare to welcome our largest crowd of the season, it is also time to take count of the impressive work put forth by both event organizers and city leaders in preparing for this annual celebration.

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Those with the National Voting Rights Museum and Institute, Jubilee committee and the city of Selma should be applauded and thanked, well in advance, for putting on a production that takes an entire year of planning and countless workers and volunteers to present.

At times, many have tried to place a dollar amount on the value of the Bridge Crossing Jubilee, what it means to the local economy and what it means to the tax base for the city and county. And, in each case, it would be our guess, those estimates are awfully low.

The festival that is the Bridge Crossing Jubilee is an iconic event and is one that should be celebrated by the entire community.

And, this year, some of the mainstay events, such a the actual bridge crossing and the street vendor, will be orchestrated in a newly remodeled Water Avenue area, that has seen significant improvements since last March.

As the Jubilee approaches, we want to again applaud and thank those with the event and the city for their hard work. And to the guests who are set to arrive, we say welcome and we hope you have a great time in our city.