Wishing everyone a Happy Valentine’s Day

Published 10:19 pm Monday, February 13, 2012

Valentine’s Day. It’s a day that has become synonymous with romance, heart candies, immaculate cards and flowers. From cupid’s arrows that connect secret admirers to sensual kisses created by jewelry commercials, the annual holiday has in most cases become just as popular as Christmas.

Growing up, I remember having to purchase Valentine’s Day cards (usually Barbie or Power Rangers) to pass out to my classmates in elementary school. And let’s not forget about the exorbitant amount of Starbursts, Skittle, Smarties or fun size candy bars ready to devour? Yum!

When I entered middle school, my many “Valentine’s” would offer bouquets of flowers or a sweet, poetic love note that would put even the most sophisticated Casanova to shame. I still smile at the days of my youth, so innocent and sweet. Those were the days!

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Valentine’s Day has always been a day to shower your loved one with affection and admiration.

Whether giving your “boo” a gift card to the neighborhood spa or gym or taking him or her to an extravagant five-star restaurant, Valentine’s Day is the one day of the year to pull out all the stops and truly express your appreciation.

For me, Valentine’s Day is no longer a time to await a gift from a crush or a date from a dream man (eh hem, Cam Newton), but it’s a day to celebrate and cherish time spent with family.

With the recent loss of my grandmother, my family will be sticking closer than ever, spending each and every moment, especially on Valentine’s Day, together in splendid bliss. From kisses to hugs to words of encouragement and expressions of love, I cherish the communion and conversations. Happy Valentine’s Day to everyone, rrom Desi with love.