Slow judicial process is frustrating

Published 10:01 pm Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The time has come and well gone for action to be taken in the case involving former superintendent of education Donald Jefferson and his suit against the Selma City School Board.

Regardless if you are a supporter of Jefferson and his efforts to get his former job back, or those who support the efforts of the Selma City School Board and their decision to dismiss the former superintendent for cause, you want your day in court.

But what was supposed to have been an expedited case has turned into a drawn out series of delays apparently within the Dallas County Circuit Court system.

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A case that was to be heard in a matter of days and weeks has instead turned into a case that has redefined slow.

We reported both parties have filed their claims and their responses and they was done within the proper time line. What is the excuse for the continued delay? Both sets of attorneys have expressed frustration in the slow response from the circuit court, but they are careful to parse their words to make sure they do not fall out of favor with Circuit Court Judge Jack Meigs, whose court the case has been assigned. They are careful to say they “do not know” why the case has run into a significant delay. And, if both sets of attorneys in this very volatile case agree on this then we know something must be done.

Jefferson and the Selma City School Board deserve their day in court and the day is long overdue. Needless to say, the delays are disappointing and something must be done.