Season’s end brings epidemic

Published 10:31 pm Saturday, January 28, 2012

Come Monday, it won’t be uncommon to see empty desk chairs and workstations at many stores, companies and factories in Dallas County.

By then, an illness sweeping the Black Belt will be at fever pitch.

It’s not the flu, and it’s not a cold — it’s buck fever.

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Many and man and woman falls victim to this illness when the final two days of the rifle deer season hit.

For those who have exhausted vacation days before the final stretch, it only seems natural to cash in those sick days. After all, it is an illness. Unfortunately, a person will not get much sympathy if they call in sick with buck fever, so other methods are needed.

Rountree Outdoors owner Chet Chappelle said hunters could come up with some pretty creative stories to get out of work and into a tree stand.

“I’ve heard just about any excuse you can think of,” he said. “For the most part, people will just come out and say they want to take off for deer season. But, I’ve heard weddings, it’s 70 degrees and their snowed in somewhere. When people really want to get out into the woods they can come up with some pretty good stories.”

When the final hours of the season count down, Central Alabama Co-op owner Bobby Nance also said he sees an influx of patients cleverly disguised in camouflage and hunter orange.