Some jobs will move to Selma

Published 10:52 pm Saturday, January 21, 2012

Examples include institutes for the handicapped, federal prison industries, “hub zone industries which are located in economically depressed areas, but you have to be a small business to qualify,” and Alaskan native corporations, he said.

“The Obama administration has taken about half of the business we formerly could compete for,” said Hodo.

Hodo said that was “the major factor most directly related” to the closing of the Fort Deposit plant.
Hodo said the company had a lot of very long-term Fort Deposit employees.

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“They always did a good job… good work force… been very successful there,” he said. “It was a difficult decision… not good for us, not good for the community, but I’m afraid circumstances forced this upon us,” Hodo said of closing the Fort Deposit plant.

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