New Year will be full of life-changing decisions

Published 7:15 pm Friday, December 30, 2011

Today is Saturday, Dec. 31 and the countdown for the New Year begins.

As I’ve already mentioned, what a great year 2011 has been for me — I have yet to take a moment to let it all sink it. In 2012, I think I will do that.

I already have a list in mind of the things I plan to do for the New Year: I won’t say they’re “New Year’s resolutions,” but I’ll call it, “Desi’s Decisions.”

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In 2012, I will DECIDE to exercise more, eat healthier (but not get rid of my cakes, cookies and candies — I still have a sweet tooth) and relax. The last includes going to bed earlier and getting more sleep.

In the New Year, I will DECIDE to pray more, spend more time in meditation and finally, spend more time with my husband, my boo, also known as “Jesus.” Smooches.

In 2012, I will have better spending habits. I’m known to be frugal — some might call it miserly, but I’d like to call it “being wise with my money.” In the upcoming days, I will try to splurge on myself more and take more “me time” throughout my day. I know in the end, my body — and my mind, will thank me for it.

And finally, in 2012, I will make an exerted effort to spend more time with my sisters.

Growing up, many would’ve said we were like stair steps — sharing one another’s toys and clothes and sometimes crushes.

We did everything together — from going to school and church, to playing and shopping. We even shared the same pains, which kept us close. As the teenaged years hit, so much estrogen was flying through our home, I’m surprised my father didn’t go into cardiac arrest with all of the drama. I tell everyone, he got gray hair in his 30s!

As I’ve gotten older (I dare not say my age), I realize the brevity of life and just how important it is for families to stick together.

You never know when the moment you visit a family member could be the last time.

So I cherish each moment, each day that I get to spend with my “ace boon coons.”

Thank you Lord for a wonderful, peaceful and satisfying 2011. I’m looking forward to 2012.