Movies will have a positive impact

Published 7:14 pm Friday, December 30, 2011

When the first movie is shown on the big screen Friday, Jan. 13 at the Larry D. Striplin Jr. Performing Arts Center, there is no doubt there will be a line.

Even though the movie to be shown has not been announced, it will be the hottest ticket in town.

Residents of Selma have wanted and needed a movie theater for a long time. The road to Prattville and Montgomery is more than 30 miles, and with gas prices at more than $3, the price of seeing the latest films has become more than some families can afford.

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Now, those who could not afford to make the trip to Montgomery and those without a form of transportation, will have a theater within walking distance of many Selma neighborhoods.

Families will no longer have to load up for long drives to see movies together and date nights can remain a little closer to home.

The Jackson family and the city of Selma derserve a pat on the back for hearing the needs of the people and bringing forth a solution that benefits everyone. Local restaurants will certainly see an immediate rise in the number of weekend for dinner-and-a-movie nights.

There are too many beneficiaries of the new movie theater to try to name in this small slot. Each of them no doubt would offer their thanks to everyone that made the theater a reality.

Hopefully, the theater is only the beginning. Hopefully, more exciting ventures are on the way in 2012.