Christmas: A story about what is possible

Published 1:57 pm Saturday, December 24, 2011

By Rodney T. Morton
Pastor, The Historic Tabernacle Missionary Baptist Church, Selma

Greetings on this marvelous and magnificent Christmas morning.  Since I was a small boy, I have loved the Christmas season. I loved the look of Christmas ornaments and candy canes on the Christmas tree, gifts enticingly wrapped with colorful ribbon and bows, sparkling lights and nativity scenes.

I loved the festivities at Christmas: wonderful pageants depicting a wonderful Savior and the birth of Jesus, church fellowship and giving gifts to family, friends and those in need.

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I loved the feel of Christmas: feelings of generosity, well-being, and kindness towards our fellow man, joy and peace that “passeth all understanding.”

However, in reality, Christmas is about God keeping His promise to fallen humanity. He promised to send the world a wonderful Savior. Therefore, today, as we celebrate Christmas let us be reminded that it is not just some holiday but a very holy day.

The prophet Isaiah says in Isaiah 7:14, “Behold, a virgin shall conceive and bear a son, and shall call his name Immanuel.” Isaiah was preaching some centuries before the birth of Jesus about His providential role in human history.

The life of Christ is marked by two significant moments: the virgin birth and the empty tomb. Some would clearly suggest that both the virgin birth and the empty tomb are stories of impossibilities. May I suggest to you that in a community that is often filled with negativity and the talk of impossibilities that Christmas is about how God makes the impossible possible. For many, this Christmas season and even this year have been tough — times filled with what appears to be impossible situations.

As a nation this year, we have experienced many more “valley” moments than “mountain” moments. We have certainly had our share of difficulties.

The birth of Christ should help us to understand that if God can open a virgin’s womb, He can and will open doors for us. For many of us, Christmas is anchored in the fact that we must give birth to what has been conceived. For many, that mean the dreams, ideas and goals that we have waited on for so long can still become a reality.

Just as Mary was able to endure the persecutions of her day, and not abort her child, we can do the same. Isaiah assures us that Christmas is about God being with us — Immanuel.

Therefore, I pray that this Christmas season for you will be filled with thoughts of not just what is under the tree, but the presence of Him who died on the tree. So, today as you enjoy food, family and fellowship, I pray that you would reflect upon how God opens doors of impossibilities and how God gives birth to the long promises as you live between promise and fulfillment. May God’s peace be with you. “With God nothing is impossible.”

It’s Christ Time!

Merry Christmas!

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