Take notice: Progress is happening

Published 8:46 pm Thursday, December 15, 2011

For those who found themselves along Dallas Avenue Thursday, they no doubt encountered the slowdowns associated with workers putting the finishing touches on an extensive repaving project.

The final striping of the crosswalks and marking of school zones along the main Selma thoroughfares occurred Thursday and although it caused some traffic slowdowns, it was once again proof that development and growth is happening in Selma.

Over the past year — thanks to the bond issue passed in 2010 — some of Selma’s worst roads were able to be paved. A road in each of Selma’s eight wards was improved and residents that had to travel along what were absolutely awful roads, should be applauded for the patience they showed.

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Just recently, residents who live on Etheridge Street were able to cross over nearby railroad tracks thanks to work completed by Selma and railroad officials. The safe crossing work that was completed opens up a road that had been blocked off for far too long.

The investment made by the residents of Selma through the bond issue and the investment made by state and city officials has made a difference in the overall appearance of Selma.

Regardless of what is often said, improvements are being made, progress is made and growth is happening.

While we at times are guilty as anyone, it is time we start celebrating our successes, complimenting those who have made success happen and encourage others to take notice and follow suit.