Carter’s offers gift-wrapping service

Published 10:35 pm Saturday, December 10, 2011

Carter Drug Co. employees Ann Kinman and Janice Bolden put the finishing touches on a gifft that was purchased at the store. The store is offering gift-wrapping services for customers through the holiday season. -- Robert Hudson

By Robert Hudson

The Selma Times-Journal


Carter Drug Co. is known for providing members of the community with the medicine and goods they need, but it also offers a service aimed at getting customers in the holiday spirit.

Carter Drug Co. is offering gift-wrapping services for customers running through the holiday season.

Carl F. Bowline, vice president of Madden & Associates, which provides advertising for Carter Drug Co., said the store will wrap any gifts brought in by customers or purchased in the store.

“You can buy it here and we’ll be happy to wrap it for you, or you can buy it from another store and we’ll be happy to wrap it for you,” Bowline said. “It’s an extension of the core services to make sure everyone has an easier holiday season.”

Bowline said the service is aimed at making the community happy and making things easier for customers.

“Carter’s and Carter’s Books and Gifts has always been about the community,” Bowline said. “Just reaching out to the community and help simplify their lives especially given the economy, and help cut their costs.”

Bowline said any gifts bought at Carter’s and gift wrapped there can also be delivered by the store either to the customer’s home or to the recipient of the gift for free.

Ann Kinman, one the Carter’s employees who wraps gifts, said the process of gift wrapping starts with knowing what kind of gift you’re getting.

“First, you need to find the kind of box you need, then we have different kinds of papers, so we have styles for girls, boys, men and women,” Kinman said. “I f you don’t have everything wrapped tight, the package just won’t look right.”

Kinman said she enjoys providing the service for the community.

“I enjoy it,” Kinman said. “The more people I have here, the happier I am.”

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