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Newspaper, radio push support for Angels

Many of us have the luxury to wait until the last minute to wrap up our Christmas shopping. We sit there and count the remaining shopping days and think “well, we have a few more days.”

For others, life events and circumstances have prevented them from providing them the opportunity to shop for their friends, their loved ones and in particular, their children.

That is where the Salvation Army’s Angel Tree program and the hundreds of caring contributors come to help.

And, in an effort to have each of the 645 deserving Angels adopted early this year, the Salvation Army has partnered with Broadsouth Communication’s WDXX and WHBB, and The Selma Times-Journal, for a one-day radio blitz.

During broadcasts throughout Tuesday, the FM station and the AM station will call for residents, businesses and organizations to adopt one, two or 20 Angels, with the goal of having each of the Angels adopted by the end of the day.

“The thought of kids not waking up to gifts on Christmas morning is a heartless shame that our community has thankfully been able to help prevent because of the Salvation Army Angel Tree program,” Broadsouth Communication’s Mike Reynolds said. “This is all about those children and our great community spirit and not about our radio stations. For us, it’s a duty to encourage our listeners to share in the joy of the Christ spirit and Christmas.”

The radio event will be hosted just outside the Selma-Dallas County Public Library, located in downtown Selma at the intersection of Broad Street and Selma Avenue.

In addition to local radio personalities, Salvation Army majors Eric and Tonya Roberts will be on hand to help those interested in adopting an Angel.

If those wanting to help don’t feel they have time to adopt an Angel, shop and then return the items, the Salvation Army will accept monetary donations that can go to purchase toys for any Angels not adopted.

But, for those who do adopt an Angel, they are asked to have the shopping completed and items returned for that Angel to the Salvation Army’s office at 2104 Franklin St. no later than Friday, Dec. 9. This will ensure Salvation Army staff has time to organize all the toys and deliver to those families in time for Christmas.

Those adopting are asked to spend “roughly $50” on each Angel and are also asked not to purchase any gift cards or large items such as bikes.

Items should not be gift wrapped, but the Salvation Army said that those adopting Angels could include wrapping paper “if they want” at the time they drop off their toys.

For any additional information or if you have any additional questions, call the Salvation Army at 872-1646.

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