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The difference between right and right

Let us start off by saying that those recently appointed to the Dallas County Board of Registrars are no doubt fine people, dedicated citizens and have the best interests of the community as they begin their terms in this very important voter office.

With that said, the recent appointments by Gov. Robert Bentley, State Auditor Samantha Shaw and Commissioner of Agriculture and Industries John McMillian, to the Dallas County Board of Registrars are nothing if not insensitive to the residents of Dallas County.

We understand the politics and the system where the governor, the auditor and the agriculture commissioner can name anyone they wish.

But to have a the board of registrars in a county that is recognized as the birthplace of the civil rights movement and the powder keg of the voting rights movement, that does not have one African-American member is disappointing and insensitive.

When it comes to guidelines and the letter of the law, making such appointments were right, but this is one time when right just wasn’t right.