Passion for education is encouraging

Published 12:50 am Saturday, October 22, 2011

Regardless of which side people are taking in the Selma City School’s upcoming vote on the status of Dr. Donald Jefferson, it has been encouraging to see a passion for education burn inside of Selma residents.

A number of parents, grandparents and guardians have made known their opinions and their ideas to improve the school system.

Though we are currently involved in a very difficult situation, every gray cloud has a silver lining. Currently, that silver lining has been a burning desire from parents to get the best education possible for their children.

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For so long, the city had a reputation for simply shrugging off poor test scores, underachieving students and problems in the halls of our schools. Outsiders felt Selma was a city that simply did not take education seriously.

It would be ddifficult for them to make that same argument now.

The more than 300 parents that showed for this week’s public hearing, the parents who constantly attend school  board meetings and those who will again show up for the Oct. 25 meeting, prove education is still important in Selma.

It does not matter which side you take, as long as you are involved and feel that direction is the best for students.

School systems across the country fall apart because when times get tough, there is silence. No one even seems to care.

This is not the case in Selma.

No matter what happens Tuesday night, one thing is certain. The parents care, and they will get involved in matters concerning their children. This is a tough situation that will divide many in our city. But it is encouraging to see the passion from both sides.