Peace, love and cozy dogs

Published 8:41 pm Thursday, October 6, 2011

Anyone that knows me knows I am a sucker for two things: The zoo and the fair. Usually before anyone can finish asking me if I’d like to go to either, I’m already in the car.

This week, with the Central Alabama Fair in town, has been no different. I can honestly say this event has made the last three days of work lots and lots of fun — especially watching the cozy dog booth.

On the first night, I took down my first cozy dog. It was soon followed by three more of its friends. For almost 12 months, I have listened to people pump up this Selma delicacy. I can’t say that I was ever skeptical, but I did wonder how something that seemed like a simple corn dog could capture the love of so many.

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Now I understand, and I am one of you.

I have been in Selma for almost one year, but now that I am a self-proclaimed Cozy Head, I feel at home.

As a Cozy Head, I’ve learned that you should not keep your love of cozy dogs to yourself. Spread the love. Being a Cozy Head is all about sharing. I’ve told many people already how great these snacks are and, if asked, would probably spot one of my fellow Cozy Heads $1.50 so they could enjoy one too.

You see, we Cozy Heads take care of each other. We believe the world can live in harmony and that everyone should have the opportunity to share our joy. I’ve even been thinking about trading in my Ford Explorer for a Volkswagen bus, you know, so I can get more people to the fair.

Now, the establishment, which is composed mostly of people in the medical profession, will tell you that living in a Cozy Commune and  gaining nourishment from cozy dogs is a bad idea. Some people even call us a cozy cult. All hogwash. We might pack on a few extra pounds during the fair and have the motivation of a tortoise because of the massive amounts of starch and grease in our systems, but we are happy.

Because cozy dogs bring so much joy to so many people, I would like to ask the Selma Lion’s Club to keep the fair going year-round. There is no reason for them to leave town.

Sure, they might want to see their families and travel, but let’s focus on what is really important …. Me.

Don’t steal my joy on Oct. 8.