Sometimes risks bring rewards

Published 10:24 pm Tuesday, September 20, 2011

There was a peculiar fisherman who was always very well prepared. He had everything necessary in order to be a good fisherman. He had poles, nets, bait, and even a really nice boat, but this fisherman had a problem.

Although he was well prepared he never caught neither brim nor tadpole, he never caught anything. I know you’re thinking that surely a fisherman such as this one should catch something. But he never caught anything because he never went fishing.

He had all of the knowledge and equipment to be great, but the fisherman never got into the boat and never left the dock. Strange isn’t it?

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But before we criticize the fisherman, ask yourself if there is a dock that you have refused to leave?

A lot of us live our lives much like this fisherman. We once had great dreams and plans, however now we’ve settled for monotony and boredom as if life was not meant for us to enjoy. Life was not meant to be dull, but it was meant to be an adventure!

Risk taking should be an indispensable part of our lives. Taking risks is essential. There is no growth or inspiration to be gained by staying within our comfort zone.

There is much uncharted territory to be explored. For those who don’t like taking risks, believe it or not you’re actually a risk taker because there is no such thing as living a risk-free life.

To laugh is taking a risk to appear foolish. To reach out to help another is to risk being hurt. To expose feelings is to risk being vulnerable. To love is to risk not being loved in return. To try is to risk failure.

To live is to risk dying. So you see, we all must take risks. The one who risks nothing gains nothing in return. They may avoid failure and even suffering but they’ll never experience life.

They have become prisoners to their risk-free lives. Only those who dare to get involved and take risks are really free.

What good would big thinking be if we play it safe and never act to turn those dreams into reality! So it is time that we become risk takers.

In other words, it is time that we start stepping out on faith. The world does not need more safety seekers.

We live in a time that calls for us to step out of our safety zone and take a risk of faith. Ask yourself, “When did I last do something bold?”

When did you last color outside of the lines, refusing to play it safe? Don’t sit on the dock for the rest of your life wondering how it feels to catch fish.

There are many fish in the ocean but  there are few fishermen who will risk taking the launch out into the deep.