Commitment needed to build success

Published 5:33 pm Monday, September 5, 2011

Recently I heard the story of a chicken and pig. A chicken and a pig were walking down the street early one morning when they noticed a crowd of hungry children. The chicken looked at the pig and said, “We have to do something!” “Maybe,” said the chicken, “we can have breakfast with them. I can give them some eggs and you can give them bacon and ham?”

The pig turned to the chicken and said, “I don’t think they like pork” and the pig kept on walking. The chicken was a little upset by the pig’s response. Later that day, as they were walking back up the street, the chicken noticed the same hungry children were still sitting on the side of the street. The chicken said to the pig, “Let’s have dinner with the children. I will give them some eggs and you can give them pork chops.” The pig adamantly said, “No!” By this time they were right in front of the children and the chicken was really angry. “Will you please tell me why you don’t want to give these children some bacon, ham, or pork chops?” The pig looked at the chicken and said, “For you to give eggs means that you make a contribution. But in order for me to give bacon, ham, or pork chops takes a real commitment.”

The difference between involvement and commitment is like an eggs and ham breakfast — the chicken will be involved, but the pig must be committed. I want to challenge you today to make a real commitment to your family, community, and country.

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There is no such thing as a “partial sacrifice” or “partial commitment.” It is impossible to be “sort of committed.” You are either committed or you aren’t. The sad reality is that most people settle for being involved without ever making a full commitment. There is a big difference between being involved and being committed. Being involved means that you do things on your own terms, while being committed means that you reject all other options.

Although you may not always agree with decisions made by leadership, will you choose to pray for the decision makers, so that our community and country will reach their full potential? Our future depends on our commitment and it starts with you.