Interruptions keep us on our toes

Published 8:57 pm Monday, August 15, 2011

So often we take life for granted. Day in and day out we go through our normal routines. We wake up

in the morning, groom ourselves, eat breakfast, and then it’s off to work or play. We return home from a long day of work or play, eat dinner, take a shower, and by then it’s time to go to sleep. The next morning we rise only to repeat the same routine all over again.

When something out of the ordinary happens, our entire life is interrupted. Big or small, that one interruption alters our entire world. How do you feel when someone breaks up your life’s daily routine? If we are bored and lonely, we might welcome such interruptions. But if we‘re comfortable with our daily schedules or routines, interruptions are often annoying and unsettling. So how do you feel about interruptions? Do you welcome or despise them? Interruptions can be classified as good or bad.

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Interruptions are good reminders that we are not in charge of our lives. We cannot control or even predict when an interruption will occur. Therefore, we must not be so quick to become frustrated when they do occur. When we patiently respond we will quickly discover that interruptions provide opportunities in order for us to fulfill our life’s purpose. Consider the life of Moses. He was in the desert doing his job, making a living, and minding his own business. Moses was content and seemed to be settled into his daily routine. He was comfortable with who he had become and would never have discovered his reason for existence if he had not been interrupted by a burning bush. Like Moses, sometimes we spend our lives in dry and boring deserts until an interruption comes that completely alters the direction of our lives. In such cases, interruptions give meaning to our lives. The first thing that Moses did was to abandon his normal routine in order to begin to walk in his calling. Was he nervous, scared, or afraid of rejection to step out into new territory? Of course he was, but this was his ultimate purpose in life. Sometimes the only way life is able get our attention, is through interruptions. For Moses, it took a burning bush; the question is, what will it take to get your attention in order for us to live out our purpose?