It’s time we offered a few thank yous

Published 8:36 pm Saturday, August 13, 2011

Far too often we forget to stay thanks, we forget to say well done. And, we are as guilty as anyone in not issuing the thanks that are needed or offering congratulations when they are called for.

Years ago, the Times-Journal issued a weekly editorial that made a point to say well done, congratulations or offered thanks to those individuals or groups who deserved to be noticed.

We felt it was time again to bring that regular feature. While the weekly accolades may not be published in Sunday’s edition, we felt there was no better time to kick off the series than with today’s edition.

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Many of the items we highlight below come from articles published over the past few days, weeks in The Selma Times-Journal.

And please remember this is not an all-inclusive list, there are far more people who deserve our thanks than this space will likely provide. But, it’s a start.

  • Thanks to all of the teachers, administrators and staff at each of the Selma City Schools, Ellwood Christian, Morgan Academy and Meadowview Christian for a great and safe start to the new school year.
  • Thanks to the Selmont Community Development Corporation and residents of the Selmont area for taking the initiative to come together last week. The meeting was focused on improving the area’s image and calling for more development.
  • Thanks to Dallas County Juvenile Court’s mentoring program and the great results the program has had in reducing the number of juvenile crimes and repeat offenders.
  • Thanks to Selma High School Marching Saints director Brandon Williams, his staff and the members of the band for their hard work this summer in preparing for the upcoming football season. We can’t wait to see your show and those of other high school bands in the area.
  • Thanks to the members of the 900th Maintenance Company of the Alabama National Guard for their service to our country and the sacrifice they made in serving overseas for the past year in Afghanistan. Six members of the Brundidge-based unit call Selma home. Welcome home.

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