Violations provide the evidence

Published 9:22 pm Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Case closed. That’s the statement we believe is appropriate when it comes to the debate whether red light cameras are needed in Selma. Simply. Case closed.

This week, the Selma Police Department reported that one red light camera, pointing one way, at one intersection, has documented more than 560 traffic light violations. And, to make that figure much more disturbing, that total was generated in just two weeks.

Again. Case closed.

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There are those who would argue such a device is not needed; that such surveillance is “Orwellian” in nature or is a violation of certain rights. While we can appreciate anyone’s opinion, the facts provide proof positive that there is a problem in Selma and that a solution must be found. And, if the presence of these red light cameras save one life, provides just a moments pause for a speeding motorist and reduces the risk to both drivers and pedestrians, than the time and money spent on this project is well worth the investment.

True, there are far bigger crimes committed within the city limits of Selma and those too need to be fought, but when it comes to curtailing the number of dangerous traffic problems, a solution has potentially been found and is being used.

We again applaud the efforts of the Selma City Council, the mayor and the police department in initiating this program and urge them to use the strictest of scrutiny when reviewing potential violators.

We understand the devil is in the details with a program such as this, but the evidence is clear. A problem exists in Selma and these cameras may prove to be the best solution.

Case closed.