School Board views vision of new school

Published 8:59 pm Friday, July 8, 2011

Representatives of Goodwin Mills and Cawood were on hand for a recent Selma City School Board meeting to discuss their visions for the schools design. Construction crews continue to work Friday to stay on target. -- Rick Couch

By Robert Hudson

The Selma Times-Journal

The Selma City School Board is working with architecture company Goodwin, Mills and Cawood to determine the interior design of the newly built Selma High School.

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Carla Young of Goodwin, Mills and Cawood recently gave a presentation to the school board with renders of what the school would look like once the interior is complete.

Young said Goodwin, Mills and Cawood is hoping to create a bright, vibrant interior using the school’s colors.

“We’re trying to give you a fun, light, colorful building for your students because I think they deserve that and I would hate to see the mundane for them,” Young said to the school board. Young described renders for different areas of the school including the gymnasium, auditorium, hallways, classrooms and cafeteria.

Young also showed off the different types of carpet, wood and tiles that will be used for the school’s interior.

“You’ve got the cory tile, of course, in the kitchen area, porcelain tile in the bathrooms and you’ve got this really nice resin type durable sink fixtures that will be in there,” Young said.

Young displayed a render of the school gymnasium which had ‘SHS’ painted on the bleachers and blue padding on the walls.

She said the floor would be made of maplewood and will have ‘Saints’ painted on the sidelines with the school’s Fleur-De-Lis logo painted at center court.

She also showed renders of the school’s lockers painted yellow.

Young discussed the possibility of grade-specific lockers being a certain color.

For example, yellow lockers would represent 9th graders; blue lockers would represent 10th graders, etc. She said, ultimately, the colors for each area of the school, including the cafeteria, hallways and auditorium, will be determined by the school board. Whatever colors the school board wants, Goodwin, Mills and Cawood will comply.