You have to be willing to be true to thyself

Published 9:17 pm Monday, June 27, 2011

Two strangers introduced themselves to each other as they stood in the conference room.

Being no different than anyone else, they both wanted to make a good first impression. Immediately, the cover up began.

The gentleman from the west said, “I am the president of xyz marketing company and I am in the process of expanding my company throughout several states.” Without hesitation, the other gentleman from the east said, “Oh, you are the guy who I sold my other franchise to!” He didn’t want to be outdone, “I am in the process of helping people like you do what I do.” Immediately, the room became tense. The gentleman from the west interrupted and said, “I am just doing this for a hobby, I had to find something to do with all of my spare time.” As the conversation continued, both men maintained the cover up.

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We live in a world that has mastered the art of disguise. Every day we encounter individuals who wear masks causing us to wonder, “Who is really behind the façade?”

Since many have the tendency to hide who they really are, they begin to live in a fantasy world lacking authentic relationships. However, what many fail to see is that life is not asking you to be a perfect fictitious character. In the Pixar movie Shrek, Fiona begins the movie in the form of a beautiful princess who transforms into an ogre every evening at sunset. She would retreat to her room out of fear she wouldn’t be acepted because of her shameful secret. Finally, she realizes that Shrek, an ogre who was hired to rescue her, was her true love, and she reveals to him her true self.

Like Fiona, we tend to hide, hoping no one sees the real us. But deep inside we secretly wish someone will look beyond the mask (our degrees, possessions, titles, etc) and care enough about us to love us for who we really are and not for who we pretend to be.

There is an illusion that fictitious character’s lives are a lot easier. The good news, is there is no rule that says you have to wear a certain mask in order to be accepted, loved, or to make your dreams come true. The only requirement is that you be the real you.

As the conference speaker entered the room, he walked over to the eastern and western gentlemen and said, “Now, if you are still interested in the job, you have to be willing to be true to thyself.”