Summer heat creates danger

Published 8:15 pm Thursday, June 2, 2011

Where did spring go? I could have sworn we were supposed to have a season of warm, comfortable weather instead of the scorching heat we have been stricken with this week.

Spring in south Alabama is much like Bigfoot. Many believe it is a myth and others swear they have seen it, or signs that it exists, many times.

June and summer are officially here and summer is playing the role of the guest that arrives far too early by stealing our last month of spring.

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I always feel like I am ready for the harsh summer heat, but can you ever really prepare?

Now that summer is here, there is nothing we can do to stop its advance into triple digit temperatures and suffocating humidity. But there are measures we can take to soften the blow.

The hot weather that comes with Alabama summers isn’t just uncomfortable; it’s dangerous.

Overexposure to this heat can cause a number of problems, including heat stroke.

I know many people have gardens and yard work to do, but neither is worth risking serious illness.

Both can be taken care of in the early morning or late afternoon hours. On days you would normally take care of these things, use the middle of the day for a little indoor time with the family or enjoy some lemonade on the porch. Stay out of the sun!

For some, whose jobs require them to be outdoors, the option of staying indoors just isn’t there. If this is the case, water should become your new best friend. Dehydration can ruin your day in a hurry.  By drinking lots of water and sports drinks, and using plenty of sun block, those working outdoors can do so safely.

Unfortunately for pets, they aren’t able to take many preventative measures on their own. Outdoor pets are almost totally reliant on their owners to help them survive the summer.

Summer is here, and it’s not going away any time soon. We can’t avoid summer, but we can take measures to make it tolerable. Stay safe and have fun.