Mabry repairs long overdue

Published 10:25 pm Tuesday, May 17, 2011

We will be the first to admit that governmental accounting, funding of governmental projects and infrastructure development are a foreign language to many of us.

But, what we see — what an average person sees — is action or inaction.

While Selma’s administration should be heavily commended for the infrastructure improvements, capital investments and street repaving projects in recent months, the one blemish that stands out far too large is the work along Mabry Street in historic Riverview.

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For months, this street has been all but useless to area residents — and all but forgotten by work crews.

This week, when asked by the Times-Journal about the status of repairing a massive sinkhole and repaving, it now appears the project is just two or three weeks from completion.

We know that was very good news to the residents along Mabry Street, who have had to navigate orange barrels, watch as holes filled up with water during rain storms and crossed their fingers hoping children did not hurt themselves playing at the edges of the sinkhole.

We appreciate the fact such emergency repairs take time to complete, but this project seemed to take far too long.

We can only hope this project has proven to be a learning lesson for city departments that such a street — regardless of its traffic volume  — should receive more prompt attention.