Mabry may soon be finished

Published 11:46 pm Monday, May 16, 2011

Three sections of Mabry Street in the Riverview area remain impassable as paving work was stalled by a sink hole. Months after the sink hole developed, city officials say they are two to three weeks from having the repairs made and the street completed. -- Tim Reeves

For months the city of Selma has been looking for answers to problems surrounding a large sinkhole on Mabry Street. If things go according to plan, repairs could be completed within the next month.

Selma Mayor George Evans said he has discussed the project with engineers from Goodwyn, Mills and Cawood and was told the project should be completed within two to three weeks.

“We’ve been talking with them and they said they were going to get back to work on (the project) this week,” he said. “They have been out there working and getting it prepared so they can get back to paving.”

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The engineers said some preliminary sewer work was necessary to make sure there were no more leaks, which initially caused the problems that led to the sinkhole.

The weather will play a large role in how quickly the project can be completed.

The city met with engineers in February where Public Works director Tommy Smith said they discovered the problem was linked to a storm drain.

The next step, Smith said, was making sure the damage hadn’t spread to other parts of Mabry Street.

The city has met with representatives of Wiregrass Construction and engineers since then to establish a plan.

For now, the street is blocked with cones and yellow tape. Until the work is completed motorists are still asked to take alternate routes.