Teen shows victims not forgotten

Published 12:32 am Saturday, May 14, 2011

Even though the focus of the national media has been moved away from the damage in North Alabama, it remains fresh on the mind of people across the state.

With a call to arms throughout the state, concerned Alabamians have been taking up donations since the April 27 damage.

While the normal donations of food, water and clothing have been moved by the truckloads, other donations are still needed and that’s where 19-year old Ashlyn Goodwin wants to help.

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“Lot’s of people have donated clothes,” Goodwin said. “But I have friends that attend the University of Alabama and they have really expressed a need for things like basic toiletries. Not many people think about the need for deodorant and soap, but it is there, so I have begun this drive.”

Goodwin, who is a home from school at Tuskegee University, said she missed her chance at helping originally with her church at school and still felt called to do something in assistance and found a way through her donation program called Toiletries for Tuscaloosa.

“I got some information about what was needed and I thought this was a good, cheap way that we can help,” Goodwin said. “It was placed on my heart that I needed to do something, so this is it.”

Donations of soap, deodorant, shampoo and other small bathroom items can be dropped off between now and next Friday at either the Selma Dallas County Public Library or Vasser’s Mini Mart.

Those interesting in donating can contract Goodwin directly by calling her at (334) 419-7562.