Another life lost to violent crime

Published 7:50 pm Monday, April 18, 2011

Selma lost another son to a gun-related crime early Sunday morning. Regardless of the events surrounding the shooting, it is another life that will not reach its potential and another family who has to bury a relative far too young.

But while the recent trend of violent crimes has been quite troubling, what makes the deaths more tragic is the silence of those who very likely know the culprits.

As a 21-year-old Selma man sits in a morgue or funeral home waiting for burial, his killer is able to sit at home, enjoy time with his friends and family and feel comfortable in knowing his identity will very likely be kept quiet for one reason or another.

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Whether it is fear of retribution of being an informant, or worse, remaining quiet because violent crime is so commonplace, withholding information from investigators only aids in this horrible crime.

How can we as a society ever hope to improve, advance or progress if we cannot stand up and do something to stop this violence? How can we call ourselves a civilized society, when we simply allow such things to happen in our cities, our neighborhoods or our street and not say something? How can we remain silent any longer?

Today, 21-year-old Demius K. Jackson is dead and his killer remains free. Today, Jackson’s family is planning his funeral arrangements and his killer is deciding what to have for lunch. Selma has lost another son, but has gained another criminal who creeps around under the protective blanket of silence.

Let us pray someone will do the right thing and break their silence and help find those responsible for this horror.